back motherfuckers!

yes i’m back mofos!

currently enjoying me life in sispec guardroom.
though there are lots of duties and LOTS of politics, the number of day offs they give.. worth it la.
the fellas there, more or less are the reason why i don’t wanna get posted out yet.

anyway, i’m off for tomorrow.
nothing much to do, cuz i’ve gotta wait for the damn pay.
AHH, this month got so many things to do man!
got my 20th coming up, then there’s christmas and then new year preps.
wonder what i’m gonna do for my birthday.
no one seems to be free.
ah well. JUST EAT!

anyone out there who needs to be fucked, please call me.
i’m joking lol.

alright, uncle david’s back.
might watch soccer if there’s time.
speaking of which, time right now is 3am.
nights fellas! (:

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Chipmunk: Oopsie Daisy MV

this song is the current #1 on singapore radio channel 98.7FM.
and also on the UK Top40 as well.

credits to chipmunk, youtube and user “360B3ST” for this video.

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Protected: ignorance is bliss.

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sexaye voice.

no idea as to how i got that sore throat, and now i’ve almost lost my voice.
it hurts just to swallow man, fuck.

so, for now guardroom is good.
we shifted bunk to another place, a 12men bunk.
all the leopard/delta fellas are finally in 1 bunk, shiok!
but this’ll probably be the last of the long weekends i’m gonna have, cuz i’ll be in camp till sat next week.
so gotta try to recover and enjoy to the fullest!

on a side note, the 9pm ch8 drama has started already.
so see ya fellas! (:

David Guetta: Sexy Chick [Feat. Akon] MV

nice song, the girls are HOT.
i really mean it. akon is one lucky arse man!

credits to dg, akon, youtube and user “MrDjSosy” for this video.

second thoughts.

i’ve been having second thoughts on whether to continue to blog here.
there seem to be better blog providers out there. or is there?
i’m thinking on installing or
readers, what do you think?
and no, no tumblr and onsugar for me.
they don’t appeal at all thank you.

anyway, personal updates.
drove a fiat bravo tjet. LOVED IT BIG TIME!
fetched elizmegan the meaner from NP, chionged to my place.
had dinner, sent her home speeding at 180kph.
if only it wasn’t raining before that, 220kph would have been attainable.
friday also same thing, fetched her from home to school.
sped at 150kph on pie, weaving in and out of lanes cuz she was running late for school.

sat guard duty, thank goodness i was guard 2ic.
but guard comm had to delegate some stupid stuffs to me lol.
came home this morning and slept till afternoon.
met up with chris, had dinner at al-azhar, jere came and we went to cck for a while.
train-ed and 161 back home.

off for tomorrow, meeting brandon also.
meanwhile readers, please comment on whether i should change to or b2evolution.
till the next post… or NOT, NIGHTS! (:


yes i know i haven’t been updating for a while already.
alright updates fellas.

first of all, i’m now a corporal.
managed to downpes also to c9l2.
as to what’s coming next will definitely be a challenge.
but, i’ve still got more than a year to go, so looking forward to it.

secondly, i saw the need to get into shape as i’ve not been training for 3 months.
all the flab’s starting to get the better of me.
need to go back to the fitness regime which worked for me for 4 months plus.

thirdly, the ventures.
i see a common direction with wil and the gang and i’m foreseeing success.
car of choice?
kia forte koup, honda civic type r, nissan gtr.
you be the judge.

time now is gonna be 6am.
morning world! (:

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